7 gallon Fig Trees

These fig trees are available now, so you should receive your order about a week after your purchase.

They're starting to go dormant, which makes shipping easier and less stressful for them. They are growing in 7-gallon pots and will stand around 2-3 feet tall after they're pruned for shipping.

The trees will be shipped using UPS Ground (usually takes 2-4 business days), and will be packed 2 per box in boxes that measure 12x12x48 inches. The shipping charge is $60 per box regardless of whether we pack 1 or 2 trees into it, so we suggest that you order an even number of trees (2,4,6,8...) so that the shipping will only cost you $30 per tree.

We can only ship these big 7-gallon trees within the continental USA, and cannot ship them to California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, or Colorado. If you live in one of those states or outside the USA, we can send you cuttings (see the Fig Cuttings page), but not these big trees.

Send an email to figcuttings@gmail.com with "ORDER" in the subject line and tell us what you want, and we'll send you an invoice for you to review and submit payment.  Please put your name and address at the top of your email, and state the variety, size (i.e. cuttings, 3gal, or 7gal), and quantity of each item you want.  Here's an example:
John Doe
111 Fig Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Maroc Noir, cuttings, 4
Strawberry Verte, cuttings, 2
Vista, 3gal, 1
Hollier, 3gal, 1
Smith, 7gal, 1

Albacor Comuna7gal$75
Atreano Gold7gal$50
Black Mission7gal$50
Bourjassotte Grise7gal$75
Carne don Celia7gal$50
CdD Blanc7gal$75
CdD Grise7gal$75
CdD Noir7gal$50
Dark Portuguese7gal$50
Emerald Strawberry7gal$50
Falls Gold7gal$50
Giant Amber7gal$50
Hardy Hartford7gal$50
Hadoulis F White7gal$50
Igo (honey fig, not Prusch)7gal$50
JH Adriatic7gal$50
Kathleen's Black7gal$50
Longue d'Aout7gal$50
Lebanese Red7gal$50
Lebanese Unk.7gal$50
Maltese Beauty7gal$100
Maltese Falcon7gal$75
Maroc Noir7gal$75
Mega Celeste7gal$50
Negra d'Agde7gal$50
Paradiso Bronze7gal$50
Peterson's Prolific7gal$50
Red Israel7gal$75
Royal Vineyard7gal$75
Scott's Black7gal$50
Sorrento Unk.7gal$50
Violette Sepor7gal$75
Violette Soleis7gal$75
White Triana7gal$50
Yellow Lebanese7gal$50