Fig Cuttings For Sale


January Specials

20% off if you buy 2+ of each* variety

60% off wholesale orders 
(25+ cuttings of a variety)

(*please note: if you don't buy 2 or more cuttings of every variety on your order, then you don't qualify for the discount)

These cuttings are entirely or almost entirely lignified, about 6-8 inches long, and about 1/4 inch to 1 inch thick.  They are being pruned off of actively growing trees that have not yet gone dormant, and are ready to start rooting right away if you choose.

We can ship cuttings to all US states and territories.  We cannot ship internationally.

All cuttings will ship via USPS priority mail.  USPS estimates 2-3 business days for delivery, but in practice it often takes 3-5 business days.  Here are the shipping rates:

# of cuttings    shipping charge
    1-99                    $10
   100-199                $20
   200-299                $30
   300-399                $40
   400-499                $50
   500-599                $60
   600-699                $70
   700-799                $80
   800-899                $90
   900-999                $100
        ...                        ...


Send an email to with "ORDER" in the subject line and tell us what you want, and we'll email an invoice for you to review and pay. Please put your name and address at the top of your email (every time you order), and state the quantity of each variety you want. Here's an example: 

John Doe
111 Fig Boulevard 
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 

# of cuttings -- variety 
2 - Yellow Lebanese 
2 - Strawberry Verte 
2 - Socorro Black 
4 - Black Madeira (dwf)

*note that (dwf) stands for the initials of the source (drivewayfarmer), and does not mean dwarf. 


Below is the current availability list.  

Wholesale pricing is 50% off retail pricing; minimum 25 cuttings per variety.

Variety Retail Price per Cutting  Wholesale Availability 
Aaron's Burbank & Vinelandsold outno
Aaron's Violet Dauphine$4yes
Abebereira (H)$6yes
Albacor de Molla Blanca$6no
Atreano FNsold outno
Atreano Gold$4yes
Bass' Favoritesold outno
Battaglia Green$4yes
Bayernfeige Violetta$4yes
Black Beauty #10$6yes
Black Bethlehem$4yes
Black Jack$4yes
Black Madeira (dwf)$10yes
Black Madeira (H)$10yes
Black Madeira (KK)sold outno
Black Missionsold outno
Black Tuscansold outno
Blava Campenera$6yes
Blaveta [Campos]$6yes
Bourjasotte Grisesold outno
Brooklyn White$4yes
Bryant Dark$4yes
California Brown Turkey$4no
Col de Dame Grise$8yes
Col de Dame Noir$8yes
Coll de Dama Gegantina$10yes
Dark Portuguese$4yes
Dark Syrian$4no
De la Gloria$8yes
De la Roca$8yes
Dr. Gowaty$4yes
Dr. Monticello's$4no
El Molino (needs fig wasp)$4yes
Emerald Strawberry$4yes
Excelsold outno
Falls Gold$4yes
Figo Preto$10yes
Floreasold outno
Galicia Negra$6yes
Garnsey White Seedless$4yes
Genovese Nero AF [Rafed's]$10yes
Gino's Black$4yes
GM 171$8yes
Golden Riversidesold outno
Grise de St. Jeansold outno
Gros Monstreuse di Lipari$4yes
Hardy Chicago$4yes
Hardy Hartford$4yes
Hadoulis F Kos (gold)sold outno
Hadoulis F White$4yes
Improved Celestesold outno
Italian 258$8yes
Italian 358$6no
Italian 376$6yes
Italian Honeysold outno
JH Adriatic (aka Adriatic JH)$4yes
Kathleen's Black$4yes
Kure Beach Unk.sold outno
LaRadek Brown Turkey$6no
Lebanese Red (Bass)$4yes
Longue d'Aout$4yes
LSU Gold$4no
LSU Purple$4yes
LSU Scott's Black$4yes
LSU Tigersold outno
Malta Blacksold outno
Maltese Beauty$8no
Maltese Falcon$6yes
Mare de Deusold outno
Maroc Noir$6yes
Marseilles Black VSsold outno
purported Martinenca Rimada (D)
[*see note below*]
Martinenca Rimada (H)sold outno
Mary Lane Seedless$4yes
Maryland Berrysold outno
Mega Celeste$4yes
Molla Vermella$4no
Negra d'Agde$6yes
Noire de Barbentane$8yes
Noire de Caromb$6yes
Olympiansold outno
Pananas Purple$4yes
Paradiso Bronze$4yes
Pernette Noir$4yes
Peterson Prolific$6no
Petite Aubique$4yes
Petite Negri$4yes
Pingo de Mel$8no
Ponte Tresa (Bass)sold outno
Ponte Tresa (H)$8yes
Ronde de Bordeauxsold outno
Sal's Gene$4yes
Salem Honey$4yes
Santa Cruz Dark$4yes
Sicilian Black Italian GM$4yes
Smithsold outno
Socorro Black$8yes
Stellasold outno
Strawberry Teardrop$4yes
Strawberry Vertesold outno
Sucrette [Baud]$4yes
Sweet George$6yes
Takoma Violet$4yes
Texas BA-1$4yes
Tres Num Prato$6yes
Unk. Attilio Purple$4yes
Unk. IC Not$4no
Unk. Owensboro$4yes
Valle Negra$4yes
Violette de Bordeauxsold outno
Violette Soleis/Violette de Sollies$6no
Vistasold outno
White Triana$4yes
Yellow Lebanese (Bekaa Valley)$6yes
Yellow Long Neck$8yes
Zingarella/Gypsy (H)$4no

*I got these 2 strains of Martinenca Rimada from different sources.

H = HarveyC/
D = a collector named Dave

The H strain is definitely accurate and behaves as it should.

The D strain has gotten weird. Dave posted pictures of accurate ripe fruit from it online, and mine seemed to start off normal, but last year some of the branches became unvariegated, and the fruit on those branches ended up unvariegated (solid dark red/maroon color). It is a very late ripening variety, and I have a short growing season, and the only 2 fruit I've ripened from it have been the unvariegated maroon fruit. Since many fig varieties ripen very poorly in cold weather at the end of the season, I'm not sure if the maroon fruit was the true mature color, or if it was due to poor ripening conditions (for example, what if it is actually Panache and the red color was only due to the weather or perhaps somehow linked to the unvariegation of those branches). So I'm offering it for cheap to anyone who wants to experiment with it. I'm curious whether it is true MR or if it is a Panache or some kind of Roja.

Again, if you're wanting the strain that is certainly MR, get the H strain; only get the D strain if you're interested in experiementing with it.