Fig Cuttings For Sale


January Special: 30% discount if you buy 2 or more cuttings of EVERY variety on your order
*offer good now through the end of January, while supplies last*
(please note: if you don't buy 2 or more cuttings of every variety on your order, then you don't qualify for the discount)

Cuttings are ideal for rooting: well-lignified, about 6-8 inches long, and about 1/4 inch to 1 inch thick.

We can ship cuttings to all US states and territories.  We cannot ship internationally.

All cuttings will ship via USPS priority mail.  USPS estimates 2-3 business days for delivery, but in practice it often takes 3-5 business days.  Here are the shipping rates:

# of cuttings    shipping charge
    1-99                    $10
   100-199                $20
   200-299                $30
   300-399                $40
   400-499                $50
   500-599                $60
   600-699                $70
   700-799                $80
   800-899                $90
   900-999                $100
        ...                        ...


Send an email to with "ORDER" in the subject line and tell us what you want, and we'll email an invoice for you to review and pay. Please put your name and address at the top of your email, and state the quantity of each variety you want. Here's an example: 

John Doe
111 Fig Boulevard 
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 

# of cuttings -- variety 
2 - Yellow Lebanese 
2 - Strawberry Verte 
2 - Socorro Black 
4 - Black Madeira (KK) 

Here's what is currently available:

VarietyPrice Per Cutting
Aaron's Burbank & Vinelandsold out
Aaron's Violet Dauphine$4
Abebereira (H)$6
Albacor de Molla Blancasold out
Atreano FNsold out
Atreano Gold$4
Bass' Favoritesold out
Battaglia Greensold out
Bayernfeige Violetta$4
Beallsold out
Black Beauty #10$6
Black Bethlehem$4
Black Jacksold out
Black Madeira (dwf)$10
Black Madeira (H)$10
Black Madeira (KK)sold out
Black Mission$4
Black Tuscansold out
Blava Campenera$6
Blaveta [Campos]$6
Bourjasotte Grisesold out
Brooklyn White$4
Bryant Dark$4
California Brown Turkey$4
Col de Dame Blanc (dwf)$8
Col de Dame Grise$8
Col de Dame Noir$8
Coll de Dama Gegantina$10
Dark Portuguese$4
Dark Syrian$4
De la Gloria$8
De la Platasold out
De la Rocasold out
Deannasold out
Dr. Gowaty$4
Dr. Monticello'ssold out
El Molino (needs fig wasp)$4
Emerald Strawberry$4
Excelsold out
Falls Goldsold out
Figo Preto$10
Flanderssold out
Floreasold out
Galicia Negra$6
Garnsey White Seedless$4
Genovese Nero AF [Rafed's]$10
Gino's Black$4
GM 171$8
Golden Riversidesold out
Grise de St. Jeansold out
Gros Monstreuse di Lipari$4
Hardy Chicago$3
Hardy Hartford$4
Hadoulis F Kos (gold)sold out
Hadoulis F White$4
Igo (honey fig, not Prusch)$4
Improved Celestesold out
Italian 258$8
Italian 358sold out
Italian 376sold out
Italian Honeysold out
JH Adriatic (aka Adriatic JH)sold out
Jurupasold out
Kathleen's Black$4
Kure Beach Unk.$4
LaRadek Brown Turkeysold out
Lebanese Red (Bass)$4
Longue d'Aoutsold out
LSU Gold$4
LSU Purple$4
LSU Scott's Black$4
LSU Tigersold out
Malta Blacksold out
Maltese Beauty$8
Maltese Falcon$6
Mare de Deusold out
Maroc Noir$6
Marseilles Black VS$4
Martinenca Rimada (D)sold out
Martinenca Rimada (H)sold out
Mary Lane Seedless$4
Maryland Berry$4
Mega Celeste$4
Molla Vermella$4
Negra d'Agdesold out
Noire de Barbentanesold out
Noire de Caromb$6
Nordlandsold out
Olympiansold out
Panachesold out
Pananas Purple$4
Paradiso Bronze$4
Pernette Noir$4
Peter's Honeysold out
Peterson Prolificsold out
Petite Aubique$4
Petite Negrisold out
Pingo de Melsold out
Ponte Tresa (Bass)$8
Ponte Tresa (H)$8
Ronde de Bordeauxsold out
Sal's Gene$4
Salcesold out
Salem Honey$4
Santa Cruz Dark$4
Sicilian Black Italian GM$4
Smithsold out
Socorro Black$8
Strawberry Teardropsold out
Strawberry Vertesold out
Sucrette [Baud]$4
Sweet George$6
Takoma Violet$4
Taurosold out
Texas BA-1$4
Tres Num Prato$6
Unk. Attilio Purple$4
Unk. IC Not$4
Unk. Owensboro$4
Valle Negra$4
Violette de Bordeauxsold out
Violette Soleis/Violette de Solies$6
Vistasold out
Vutatasold out
White Triana$4
Yellow Lebanese (Bekaa Valley)$6
Yellow Long Necksold out
Zingarella/Gypsy (H)sold out