Sunday, November 10, 2019

New additions to the Part 2 fig listings

Here are the additional fig varieties that will be added to the Part 2 listings later tonight :)

Many of these varieties only have a small number of cuttings available, so they may not last long.  I'll delete them from the listings as they sell out.

Albacor Comuna (might need fig wasp?)
Atreano FN
Bebera Branca
Black Provence
Bordissot Rossa
Carne don Celia
Col de Dame Noir
De la Plata
Easton Purple
Faja da Ovelha
Fico Pesco d'Oro
Figo Branco
Figo Sofeno Escuro
Giant Amber
GM 20
GM 125
GM 139
GM 141
GM 149a
GM 153
Grise de St. Jean
Italian 215
LSU Scott's Black
Malta Purple Red
Mel do Algarve
Morocco Alter 23
Naragansett [4343]
Osborne Prolific
Panevino White
Pernette Noir
Peterson Prolific
Red Sicilian
Rob's Genovese Nero (similar to Black Jack)
Sobon Blue-Green
Sorrento Unk.
Troiano Calabrese
Violet Sepor
White Texas Everbearing

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

2-for-1 sale extended to the end of this week (Nov. 10th)

The 2-for-1 sale on all of the Part 1 varieties was originally scheduled to end November 1st, but we're extending it until the end of this week (Nov. 10th) as we finish pruning the rest of our varieties for Part 2.  

We're almost finished pruning the Part 2 varieties.  There are about 50 more unlisted varieties that we'll add to the Part 2 listings by the end of this week.  Please note that the Part 2 varieties are regular price right now (the 2-for-1 deal only applies to the Part 1 varieties).

Friday, October 25, 2019

Part 2 of our 2019 Fig Cuttings Season is underway with 80 additional varieties

Black Madeira, Martinenca Rimada, CdD Grise, CdD Gegantina, Genovese Nero AF, Golden Riverside, and many more gourmet fig varieties are now available!

Our 2019 fig cuttings listings are divided into 2 parts:

Part 1 (around 100 varieties) -- these are currently discounted on a 2-for-1 sale

Part 2 (around 80 varieties now, 50 more soon) -- these varieties are currently at regular price

Please note that all of the Part 2 varieties are regular price 
(the 2-for-1 deal only applies to the Part 1 varieties right now)

If you order from both Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time, please keep them separated into two different lists in your email to ensure you get all the bonus cuttings for the Part 1 varieties.

Guide to Black Madeira notation:
Black Madeira (H) = source was Harvey
Black Madeira (Rob) = source was Rob (seems identical with H)
Black Madeira (dwf) = source was drivewayfarmer (seems a bit more vigorous than H or Rob)

Friday, October 18, 2019

2-for-1 Cuttings

Clarification:  the 2-for-1 cuttings sale is running for just the next 2 weeks, through the end of October (not through the end of November)

Click here to see the current list of available cuttings.  (100+ new varieties will be added in 2 weeks)

Thursday, October 17, 2019

2-for-1 Sale on Fig Cuttings

2-for-1 Sale on Fig Cuttings
Now through the end of October

For the next two weeks, receive double of everything that you order from our current listings!

The bonus cuttings are not transferable (i.e. you can't order 1 cutting of Beall and receive 1 cutting of Beall plus one cutting of a different variety).

Tell us how many cuttings you're wanting to pay for, not how many you're wanting to receive; we'll do the doubling on our end.  So for example, if you want to receive 2 cuttings of Beall and 4 cuttings of Figo Preto, you would email the following to us at, with "Order" in the subject header:
Jane Doe
111 Fig Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA  90210   
Cuttings Order: 
Beall - 1
Figo Preto - 2

When processing that hypothetical order, we would double everything and send 2 cuttings of Beall and 4 cuttings of Figo Preto.

This is still just the 1st half of our cuttings sale.  We still have another 100+ varieties to add to the listings!  We will add the other half of our varieties on approximately November 1st.

Monday, October 7, 2019

25% off all available fig cuttings

25% discount on all available fig cuttings

First frost is coming soon, and that means we're getting ready to mass prune all of our outdoor in-ground varieties.  We'd like to get the bulk of those cuttings out of the way as quickly as possible over the next 2-3 weeks, so we're offering a 25% discount to help them sell out fast. 

The 25% discount applies to all of the varieties that are currently available; you can see the list on our 2019 Fig Cuttings For Sale page

We want those cuttings out of the way soon because we'll start pruning an additional ~100 potted/greenhouse varieties in 2-3 weeks (we grow around 240 varieties in total). 

Everything will go back to regular price when the additional varieties are listed 2-3 weeks from now, so take advantage of the 25% discount while it lasts!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

2019 Fig Cuttings Sale has Begun!

Cuttings season is here! 

Half of our fig varieties are ready for pruning; you can browse through the current availability list on our 2019 Fig Cuttings page and place your orders now.

The other half of our fig varieties need a bit more time and will be listed in about 6 weeks.

All cuttings will be freshly pruned and shipped right away via USPS Priority Mail.  The cuttings will be ideal for rooting: around 6-8" long, 1/4"-3/4" thick, and mostly or entirely lignified.