Winter 2020/21 Fig Cuttings For Sale

20% discount if you buy 2 or more cuttings of EVERY variety on your order
(please note:  if you don't buy 2 or more cuttings of every variety on your order, then you don't qualify for the discount)

The cuttings will be ideal for rooting:  around 6-8" long, 1/4"-1" thick, a minimum of 3 good nodes, and mostly or entirely lignified.  Orders are shipped right away via USPS Priority Mail, almost always within 24 hours of payment.

We ship to all US states and US territories. However, We will not be accepting/shipping any international orders this year.

We will not edit orders after they've been placed: if you want to add something to your order, you'll need to place an additional order.  Those sorts of edits take more time than we have available, so we need to keep things as streamlined as possible.

We presume that all of our figs have been exposed to FMV at some point in their histories, though few show any symptoms after they get their roots established.  Our trees appear to be exceptionally healthy and vigorous (it's hard to find a tree here that isn't that way), and the FMV doesn't seem to have any effect on fruit production.  So like almost all other collectors and nurserymen, I don't consider FMV to be anything other than a minor nuisance.  However, if you have any qualms about ordering figs that may have been exposed to FMV, then please do not place an order!

Domestic Shipping (2 days in transit)
# of cuttings......shipping charge
401 and up...............$50

No international shipping.

Send an email to with "ORDER" in the subject line and tell us what you want, and we'll send you an invoice for you to review and submit payment.  Please put your name and address at the top of your email, and state the quantity of each variety you want.  Here's an example:
John Doe
111 Fig Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Alma -- 4 cuttings
Maltese Falcon -- 4
Maroc Noir -- 2
Strawberry Verte -- 2

VarietyPrice Per Cutting
Aaron's Burbank & Vinelandsold out
Aaron's Violette Dauphin$4
Albacor do Molla Blancasold out
Almasold out
Atreano FN$4
Atreano Gold$4
Aubique Petitesold out
Baradasold out
Bass' Favoritesold out
Battaglia Greensold out
Bayernfeige Violettasold out
Beallsold out
Black Beauty #10$10
Black Bethlehemsold out
Black Greek (Marius)$4
Black Jack$4
Black Madeira (drivewayfarmer)sold out
Black Madeira (Harvey)sold out
Black Madeira (KK)sold out
Black Mission$4
Black Provence$6
Blava Campenera$6
Blaveta [Campos]$6
Bourjassotte Grisesold out
Brooklyn White$4
Bryant Dark$4
California Brown Turkey$4
Caucasus 3$6
Col de Dame Blancsold out
Col de Dame Grisesold out
Col de Dame Noir$8
Colasanti Darksold out
Coll de Dama Gegantinasold out
Dark Portuguese$4
Dark Syriansold out
De la Gloriasold out
De la Plata$8
De la Rocasold out
Deannasold out
Dr. Gowaty$4
Dr. Monticello's$4
Easton Purple$6
El Molino (may need fig wasp)$4
Emerald Strawberry$4
Excelsold out
Faja de Ovelha$8
Falls Gold$4
Figo Preto$10
Floreasold out
Galicia Negrasold out
Garnsey White Seedlesssold out
Genovese Nero AF [Rafed's]sold out
Giant Amber$6
Gino's Black$4
GM 1 (Malta Purple Red)sold out
GM 20$8
GM 125$8
GM 139$8
GM 141$8
GM 149a$8
GM 153$8
GM 171$8
GM 172sold out
GM 202$8
Grise de St. Jeansold out
Gros Monstreuse di Lipari$4
Hadoulis F Kos (gold)sold out
Hadoulis F White$4
Hardy Chicago$4
Hardy Hartford$4
Hative d'Argenteuilsold out
Igo (like Alma)$4
Improved Celeste$4
Italian 215sold out
Italian 258sold out
Italian 376sold out
Italian Honey$4
JH Adriaticsold out
Jurupasold out
Kadotasold out
Kathleens Blacksold out
Kure Beach Unk.$4
LaRadek Brown Turkeysold out
Lebanese Red (Bass)$4
Lemonsold out
Longue d'Aoutsold out
LSU Brandysold out
LSU Goldsold out
LSU Purplesold out
LSU Scott's Blacksold out
LSU Tigersold out
Malta Blacksold out
Maltese Beautysold out
Maltese Falcon$6
Maroc Noir$6
Martinenca Rimadasold out
Mary Lane Seedless$4
Maryland Berry$4
Marseilles Black VS$4
Mavro Mella$6
Mega Celeste$6
Mel do Algarve$6
Melanzanasold out
Molla Vermella$4
Morocco Alter 23$6
Motoso Pretosold out
Napolitana Negrasold out
Naragansett [4343]$6
Negra d'Agdesold out
Negronnesold out
Noire de Barbentanesold out
Noire de Carombsold out
Nordlandsold out
Olympiansold out
O'Rourkesold out
Panachesold out
Pananas Purple$4
Panevino White$4
Paradiso Bronze$4
Pernette Noir$4
Peter's Honeysold out
Peterson Prolific$6
Petite Aubiquesold out
Petite Negrisold out
Pingo de Melsold out
Planerasold out
Ponte Tresa (Bass)$12
Ponte Tresa (H)$12
Raspberry Lattesold out
Red Sicilian$6
Ronde de Bordeauxsold out
Rossellinosold out
Royal Vineyard$4
Sal's Gsold out
Salcesold out
Salem Honeysold out
Santa Cruz Dark$4
Sicilian Black Italian GM$4
Smithsold out
Socorro Blacksold out
Sorrento Unk$4
Souadisold out
Stellasold out
Strawberry Teardrop (UCD 184-15)$4
Strawberry Vertesold out
St. Ritasold out
Sucrettesold out
Sultanesold out
Sweet Georgesold out
Takoma Violetsold out
Taurosold out
Texas BA-1$4
Tres Num Prato$6
TV3sold out
Unk. Attilio Purplesold out
Unk. Calderwood$8
Unk. IC Not$4
Unk. Owensboro$4
Valle Negra$4
Vasilika Sikasold out
VdBsold out
Violette de Sollies/Violette Soleissold out
Violette Seporsold out
White Adriaticsold out
White Triana$4
Yellow Lebanese (Bekaa Valley)$6
Yellow Long Necksold out
Zingarella/Gypsy (H)sold out