Welcome to FigCuttings.com!  

FigCuttings.com is operated by GreenFin Gardens, a fully licensed and USDA inspected nursery and tilapia farm located in Pott County, Kansas.  This site was established with the following simple goals in mind:

1) to provide easy, affordable, year-round access to cuttings of many of the rarest and best-tasting fig varieties in the world;


2) to foster and spread the joy of figs!

Figs are a wonderful and rewarding addition to many yards, gardens, patios, sun rooms, and greenhouses, and since fig cuttings root so readily and grow so fast, you can quickly grow your own collection of rare and extremely tasty figs at home.

If you've never had a freshly picked dead-ripe fig, you're missing out!  It's shocking how good they actually are: they're juicy and bursting with flavors reminiscent of raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, grapes, peaches, melons, or dates, depending on the variety.  They taste almost nothing like Fig Newtons.

Contact Email -- greenfingardens@gmail.com

Refund Policy -- The refund policy of figcuttings.com and GreenFin Gardens has always been to refund any outstanding order for any reason if requested.  The turnaround time was typically 24 hours until recently, when a cascade of refund requests came in after all of the money was already invested into growing everyone's figs for them.  I paid as many of these later refunds as I could out of my own pocket, and subsidized the fig project with my entire earnings from my fish farming operation over the past 2 years.  But now, since I'm out of money, all refunds have to wait for me to raise the funds (from selling extra figs), which is slowing things down.  Everyone who wants a refund will get one, it's just that it'll take a bit longer.  If you want a refund, email me at greenfingardens@gmail.com and I'll do my best to get it to you asap.