Fig Trees for Sale - Fall 2017

We are no longer taking orders for trees for Fall 2017 delivery.

We are behind on tree orders and will not be taking any more until the current tree orders have shipped.

It looks like we'll have an abundance of fig cuttings this fall, though, so you can still place orders for fig cuttings on our Fall 2017 Fig Cuttings page. 


The main advantage of having your trees custom grown via advance ordering is that it gives you a relatively inexpensive way to build a collection of elite gourmet figs.  The downside is the wait that comes with ordering a season in advance.  So if you need particular fig varieties right now, it may be best to go to ebay.  But if you're willing to wait and have your trees custom grown for you, then we can provide that service, and we can save you a ton of money in the process. 

Almost all varieties are priced at $9-$15. The trees will be around 6-12" tall when shipped, and will be sent via USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express International to minimize transit time.  Here are the shipping rates:

Domestic Shipping (2 business days)
# of trees     Shipping
    1-3               $15
    4-6               $25
    7-16             $45
    17-25           $70
    25-50*          $140

International Priority Shipping (6-10 business days)
# of trees     Shipping
    1-6               $80
    7-12             $135
    13-24           $270
    25-36           $405
    37-48*          $540

International Express Shipping (3-5 business days)
# of trees     Shipping
    1-6               $105
    7-12             $170
    13-24           $340
    25-36           $510
    37-48*          $680

*Maximum of 50 trees per Domestic order and 48 trees per International order.  To buy more trees than that, please place multiple orders.

We can ship internationally and anywhere in the continental US (California included, but not Hawaii).  International orders are not guaranteed: buyers must assume all risk for packages that may be damaged or lost during shipping.  International buyers are responsible for getting an import permit from their local government and sending it to us so that we can get a Phytosanitary Certificate through our local Department of Agriculture office.  We charge $75 for this option, and offer it below, at the top of the list of fig varieties.  Also, if your country requires the trees to be shipped without soil (bare root), then it may be best to wait until the trees go dormant around November 2017.

Some western US states require bare-root shipping, so if you're in one of those states (CA, AZ, OR, WA), don't be surprised by it.  The roots of those trees will be packed with moist material and the leaves sprayed with an antitranspirant.  Folks in other states might have their trees partially bare-rooted, too, in order to fit them into their packaging.  Many customers have requested delayed shipment to avoid shipping during summer heat or to avoid shipping actively growing bareroot plants, which is fine.  There's no extra charge for that service, so if you want to delay your shipment, just let us know.