Fig Trees For Sale

Pug Tree Special: 3 trees for $51
($36 for the trees + $15 shipping)
(all varieties $12 each)

What is a pugged tree?
A pugged tree is a tree that has been pruned back near the base of its trunk.  Pugged trees are easy to ship and easy to overwinter.  They also tend to have very well-developed root systems that allow them to erupt in the spring with the strong growth of an established 2nd year tree.

Our pugged trees are in 4x4x9 inch nursery pots.  They were rooted about 8 months ago and grew to be about 3-6 feet tall before being pruned.  Here are some examples:

Our trees are shipped via USPS, which usually takes around 3-5 business days in transit.  The USPS does a good job of keeping packages above freezing during transit, but customers will need to take care if receiving trees in sub-freezing temperatures to ensure they aren't allowed to freeze after they're delivered.  

Shipping is $15 per box, and each box can hold up to 3 trees.  So the shipping & handling rates look like this:

        # of trees     Shipping/Handling
    1-3                       $15
    4-6                       $30
    7-9                       $45
  10-12                     $60

We can only ship these trees to the central and eastern states of the USA; we cannot ship to the West Coast.  These restrictions are due to efforts by the USDA to control the westward spread of the Japanese Beetle.  Midwestern nurseries like ours are allowed to ship fig cuttings to West Coast states during cuttings season (October through March), but we can't ship established plants to those western states.

Here is a list of the states we can NOT ship trees to:  Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico.  If you are in one of these states, we can send you cuttings during the fall/winter, but unfortunately we can't ship trees to you.


Send an email to with "ORDER" in the subject line and tell us what you want, and we'll email an invoice for you to review and pay.  Please put your name and address at the top of your email, and state the quantity of each variety you want.  Here's an example:
John Doe
111 Fig Boulevard
Figsville, TX 78708

Yellow Lebanese -- 1 tree
CdD Gegantina -- 1 tree
Socorro Black -- 4 trees

Here are the varieties of pugged trees that we currently have available:

Variety Price
Bass' Favoritesold out
Black Beauty #10$12
Black Madeira (dwf)$12
Black Madeira (H)sold out
Black Madeira (KK)sold out
Black Tuscansold out
CdD Gegantinasold out
CdD Grise$12
CdD Noir$12
De la Gloria$12
De la Rocasold out
Figo Preto$12
Galicia Negrasold out
Genovese Nero AFsold out
Italian 258$12
Improved Celestesold out
Longue d'Aoutsold out
LSU Brandy$12
LSU Gold$12
LSU Purple$12
LSU Scott's Black$12
LSU Tigersold out
Martinenca Rimada (H)sold out
Maltese Beautysold out
Noire de Barbentanesold out
Panachesold out
Pananas Purple$12
Paradiso Bronze$12
Ponte Tresa (Bass)$12
Ponte Tresa (H)$12
Socorro Black$12
Stellasold out
Strawberry Vertesold out
Sucrettesold out
Sweet George$12
Takoma Violetsold out
Taurosold out
Texas BA-1sold out
Tres Num Prato$12
Valle Negra$12
Violette de Sollies (Violette Soleis)$12
White Trianasold out
Yellow Lebanese$12
Yellow Long Necksold out