Fig Trees For Sale

Our trees are shipped via UPS Ground, which usually takes around 3-5 days business days in transit.  Here are our shipping & handling rates:

# of trees     Shipping/Handling
    1-2                       $30
    3-4                       $35
    5-8                       $40
    9-10                     $70
   11-12                    $75
   13-16                    $80
   17-18                    $110
   19-20                    $115
   21-24                    $120
   25-26                    $150
   27-28                    $155
   29-32                    $160

The turnaround time from when you pay until when your trees ship may take up to a week during the busy opening days of the tree sale, but will settle down to 1-2 business days after we get through the initial rush.  We'll give you an estimate of the turnaround time for your particular order when you place your order. 

We can only ship these trees to the central and eastern states of the USA; we cannot ship to the West Coast.  These restrictions are due to efforts by the USDA to control the westward spread of the Japanese Beetle.  Midwestern nurseries like ours are allowed to ship fig cuttings to West Coast states during cuttings season (October through March), but we can't ship established plants to those western states.

Here is a list of the states we can NOT ship trees to:  Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico.  If you are in one of these states, we can send you cuttings during the fall/winter, but unfortunately we can't ship trees to you.


Send an email to with "ORDER" in the subject line and tell us what you want, and we'll email an invoice for you to review and pay.  Please put your name and address at the top of your email, and state the quantity of each variety you want.  Here's an example:
John Doe
111 Fig Boulevard
Figsville, TX 78708

Yellow Lebanese -- 1 tree
Strawberry Verte -- 1 tree
Socorro Black -- 4 trees

Here's what is currently available to order and the date they'll be ready to ship.  (If you order some that are ready now and some that won't be ready until June 12th, then we'll need to discuss whether you'd prefer to split up your order and ship the parts separately or wait a week and ship them together)

Variety Price Ready
Bass' Favorite$20sold out
Black Beauty #10$15June 12th
Black Madeira (dwf)$20Now
Black Madeira (H)$20Now
Black Madeira (KK)$20Now
Black Tuscan$20sold out
CdD Blanc$18Now
CdD Gegantina$18Now
CdD Grise$18Now
CdD Noir$18Now
De la Gloria$18Now
De la Roca$18June 12th
Figo Preto$20Now
Galicia Negra$18sold out
Genovese Nero AF$18Now
Italian 258$18Now
Improved Celeste$15June 12th
Longue d'Aout$15June 12th
LSU Brandy$15Now
LSU Gold$15Now
LSU Purple$15Now
LSU Scott's Black$15Now
LSU Tiger$15June 12th
Martinenca Rimada (H)$20June 12th
Maltese Beauty$18Now
Noire de Barbentane$18Now
Pananas Purple$15Now
Paradiso Bronze$15Now
Ponte Tresa (Bass)$18Now
Ponte Tresa (H)$18Now
Socorro Black$18Now
Strawberry Verte$15Now
Sweet George$15Now
Takoma Violet$15Now
Tauro$18sold out
Texas BA-1$15Now
Tres Num Prato$15Now
Valle Negra$15Now
Violette de Sollies (Violette Soleis)$18June 12th
White Triana$15Now
Yellow Lebanese$15Now
Yellow Long Neck$20sold out