Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2nd round of cuttings is now available

Round 2 of the fig cuttings bonanza has begun!  http://www.figcuttings.com/p/fig-cuttings-for-sale.html

Now that we have finished our outdoor pruning, we have extra cuttings of most of the varieties offered in Round 1 plus a few new ones:  California Brown Turkey, Improved Celeste, Latarolla, LSU Tiger, RdB, and Uncle Corky's honey fig.

Also, due to the fundraising success of the Strawberry Verte test run, all of the varieties are now listed at the same $4/cutting price, with 10% of sales from all of them going toward fundraising.  Since Strawberry Verte raised $25 in a short time all by itself, it's reasonable to hope that a full lineup of varieties will raise a substantial amount.  (You'll need to say who you want the money to go to by typing a note in the appropriate box when you're checking out.)

The Round 1 orders will start shipping out tomorrow (Nov 11), and the Round 2 orders will start shipping out this Friday (11/13) or next Monday (11/16).  Round 3 won't be until January, when all of our potted figs go dormant.

Happy rooting :)