Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Now Taking Backorders, All Varieties $9-$15

A number of people have requested that we start accepting backorders for the fig varieties that were in highest demand in the $7 trees sale (Black Madeira, Figo Preto, etc).  We've decided to go along with the idea and have created a "2017 Fig Trees for Sale" page, but two features need to be emphasized.

First, these backordered trees are for early 2017 delivery.  You wouldn't receive them this year, you'd receive them around Feb/March 2017.

Second, the backordered trees are all priced at $9-$15.  That's a step up from the special $7 sale price, but it's still a lot less than you'd have to pay on ebay, so it's still a good deal if you're willing to wait a while for your trees.

Here's the link: