Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Growing Figs Under Grow Lights

Lately we've been rigging up lighting to help the fig trees grow faster and better over the winter months.  The tunnel greenhouse below has 28 shop light fixtures, each of which is 4ft long and holds two T8 bulbs.  The bulbs are 32W, so their combined power usage in this tunnel is just under 1,800 Watts.

Most of the bulbs are 6500K, some are 5000K, and two fixtures have purple "Gro-Lux" bulbs.

The big tubs that I use as humidity bins, like the one with black handles below, hold around 40 figs each.  I currently have around 50 of these tubs filled with around 2,000 total cuttings in various stages of rooting.

After the cuttings in the humidity bins start to show roots, I move them into shorter tubs that only hold 24 cups; that way the baby fig trees can get a bit more space and light, and the humidity bin can be refilled with the next batch of cuttings.