Friday, September 29, 2017

Fig Cuttings are Now Available

Fig Cutting Season is here!!

The wood from our 2017 growing season is now ready to be clipped and shipped!  The cuttings will be around 6-8" long and 1/4"-3/4" thick, and will pruned when you order to ensure freshness. We will try to ship all orders within 24-48 hours, but there may be a backlog in the beginning that could add a few extra days to the process.

All cuttings will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. We ship everywhere in the USA except Hawaii, and we also ship internationally.  We cannot guarantee that international shipments will arrive in good condition (or even at all) due to the inherent risks of shipping them halfway around the world.  Odds are good that everything will go fine, but there is still risk, and international buyers must assume all of that risk. International buyers are also responsible for getting an import permit from their local government and sending it to us so that we can get a Phytosanitary Certificate through our local Department of Agriculture office. We charge $75 for this option, and offer it below, at the top of the list of fig varieties.

We will not edit orders after they've been placed: if you want to add something to your order, you'll need to place an additional order.  Those sorts of edit requests take more time than we have available, so we need to avoid them to keep things as streamlined as possible.

Do not mix orders of cuttings and trees! Each order should either be entirely cuttings (ordered from the "Fall 2017 Fig Cuttings" page) or entirely trees (ordered from the "3 gallon Fig Trees" page). The software cannot calculate the shipping rates correctly if you mix orders, so if you want both cuttings and trees, then place two separate orders. If you're getting trees, then select the 'Ground Shipping' option when you checkout; if you're getting cuttings, then select the 'Priority Shipping' option during checkout.

If you have already placed an advance order for cuttings, you should receive your order during this Fall 2017 cuttings season.  We will be shipping out the new orders immediately as they come in, and we will also be packaging and shipping the older advance orders at the same time.  Some of the cuttings will be held back and rooted, so if you're waiting on an advance order of well-rooted starter trees, your order should be ready later this fall, too.