Thursday, November 2, 2017

Update on shipping progress

Over the past few weeks I've shipped out a lot of new orders and about half of the overdue advance orders for cuttings (around 100 orders).  The new orders supply the funding to ship out the old orders, so when a new order comes in, not only do I ship it out immediately, I also package and ship out several older orders at the same time.  This win-win-win system has worked out wonderfully, and I'm very grateful to the new customers for helping out the old customers in this way.

A false claim is being promoted online at a competitor's site that the cuttings being bought by new customers are the same cuttings that were bought by previous customers, and that I'm re-selling the same cuttings over and over again.  That is complete nonsense.  The cuttings needed to fulfill all of the overdue orders for cuttings and trees have already been identified and set aside for that purpose, and the cuttings being sold to new customers are simply the EXTRA cuttings that aren't needed for those old orders.  The new customers aren't taking cuttings away from old customers; to the contrary, they are buying extra cuttings...and by doing so, are giving me the ability to send out old orders.  So the new customers are only helping the old customers, and are in no way hurting the old customers. 

It has also been falsely claimed at the competitor's site that these new orders are advance orders that aren't going to be delivered until the distant future.  That is also a nonsensical claim (one of many such false and defamatory claims made there).  The new orders are for immediate shipment, not for delayed shipment, which makes perfect sense if you think about it: the cuttings are ready right now, so there's not even any reason to do advance orders right now.  The average turnaround time for new orders is 24-48 hours; in other words, they ship out within 1-2 days on average from when I receive payment, and the customers receive their cuttings a few days later.

After I finish shipping out all of the overdue cuttings orders in a week or two, I'll turn to shipping out the overdue tree orders.  Why am I shipping cuttings now and not trees?  Because the big harvest of cuttings is just now occurring, and it is this harvest of cuttings that will supply all of the wood needed to fill all of the cuttings orders and tree orders.  The cuttings can ship out immediately, but the trees need to be created by rooting the cuttings, which has already begun concurrently with the cuttings sale:

I recently potted up about 1,000 cuttings, which included around 100 each of Black Madeira, I-258, Ponte Tresa, and Galicia Negra, and there's a whole lot more where that came from.  I'm also aiming to root enough of all the other rare varieties to cover the numbers needed by the old orders, so there will soon be several thousand trees in these humidity bins.  It usually takes 2-3 months for the trees to be rooted well-enough to ship, so these will ship out later this winter (or as soon as it gets warm enough in the early spring to safely ship them).

Finally, in celebration of the fact that I've shipped out around 25% of the overdue orders (half of the cuttings orders, which were half of the total) and am quickly working through the remainder, I am offering a 25% off sale on all remaining cuttings.  You can see the current availability on the Fig Cuttings page at (I delete varieties from the list as they sell out, so the list is always up-to-date).  Just place your order as you normally would, and I'll apply the 25% discount to your cuttings when I send your invoice.

Don't believe the false rumors started at my competitor's site about my cuttings being bad and rotten: those are just more of the same sorts of false defamatory claims that perpetuate there.  The truth is that I know what a good cutting is, and I send out great cuttings.  If you have any doubt about that, just place a small order so that you can verify for yourself that I send out great cuttings.  Then you'll know for yourself and won't be tricked by the false claims being pushed on a dishonest competitor's website.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support this project!  Your support and kind words have been invaluable in helping me to persevere.  And special thanks to all the new customers:  the long-waiting customers are getting their orders now, and it's all thanks to you supplying the money to ship their orders!  So not only are you getting your cuttings right away, you're also helping other folks get their overdue orders at the same time.  That's a win-win-win, and you deserve a huge pat on the back for helping it happen!