Saturday, April 14, 2018

Help Speed Up Shipping

Tree orders are shipping now, and I'm shipping them out as fast as I can.  If you are still waiting on an outstanding order, please help to speed up the process by sending me an email at that includes the following:

1)  "CURRENT SHIPPING INFO" as the subject header

2)  your name and current shipping address

3)  the email address for the PayPal account you used when ordering  (so I can quickly find your orders in my database)

4)  your current wish list  (useful if substitutions are needed)

I'll email you back before I ship so that we can finalize any substitutions if needed.

I appreciate your help.  Shipping tree orders is a very time consuming process, and submitting the aforementioned info in an organized email will help save a lot of time on the coordination/communication aspect, which will help speed up the overall shipping process considerably.