Saturday, November 3, 2018

Cuttings orders are shipping now

Cuttings season is here and orders are shipping right now!

Please do not email and ask when your order will be shipped.  Cuttings orders are shipping right now, and your order has either already shipped or will ship when we get to it, which will be very soon.

There was a huge avalanche of orders right at the beginning that took some time to work through (same as other reputable sellers like HarveyC have to deal with when launching a cuttings sale), and it has taken 2 weeks to get mostly caught up.  Almost all paid orders are now in the mail or will be shipped out early next week.

Now that we're mostly caught up, new orders placed from now on will ship out within a day or two of purchase.

There are still plenty of cuttings left, but they're going fast.