Monday, February 8, 2021

Shipping paused until February 19th due to extreme cold

We are pausing all shipping for the next 10 days, and plan to resume shipping on February 19th. 

The weather is projected to be extremely cold here during that period, with lows dipping down to -16F and the highs never getting above freezing: 

USPS usually does a good job of protecting packages from freezing temperatures during shipping, but the forecasted temps are so low that the cuttings might not be safe. One concern is that they could freeze in your mailbox if not retrieved within minutes of delivery; another is that they might freeze on the way, maybe while being trucked from one facility to another. So to be prudent, we're putting all shipping on pause until February 19th.

You can still place orders during this time, and we will create your invoice to hold your place in line and reserve your cuttings, but you won't need to pay until shipping resumes. 

Stay warm out there!