Thursday, January 6, 2022

January 2022 Special -- 50% Discount*

January 2022 Special
(now through the end of January, while supplies last)
*50% discount if you buy 2 or more cuttings of EVERY variety on your order
(*please note:  if you don't buy 2 or more cuttings of every variety on your order, then you don't qualify for the discount)

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Happy New Year!

We just finished pruning this past week and now have around 20,000 fig cuttings ready to be adopted into loving homes :)

The cuttings have been placed in a large 1,500 square foot climate controlled facility where they are being maintained at ideal temperature and humidity levels, and are kept lightly damp with intermittent misting. This environment has been dialed in to get them to root in slow motion here over the next 3-4 months while they wait to be adopted (cooler temps slow rooting while preserving viability).  This facility works great for us and allows us to maintain our cuttings in top condition well into the spring each year.   

We sift through and send the best cuttings for each order. Once you receive your cuttings and set them up in a warm rooting environment, the cuttings will ramp up their pace of rooting to match what your conditions allow. This is part of the reason why so many people report that our cuttings tend to root so quickly and consistently: we give them a little bit of a head start here before we ship them, and then we sift through to look for the ones that are most ready to do a good job for you.