Friday, September 30, 2022

September $10 Fig Tree Sale -- update

The $10 fig tree sale is going well!  You can see the current availability by clicking here.

Shipping turnaround times for orders have been about 2-3 days (from when you pay to when it ships) due to the high volume, but should be back down to 1-2 days by Monday.

The trees have gotten even bigger since the pics from the last update 3 weeks ago.  Because of the size, we are now shipping all tree orders via UPS in boxes that are 36" or 48" long.  The price breaks on shipping cost are now:

1-8 trees      $25 shipping

9-16 trees    $50 shipping

The $10/tree special is only going to run another week, so hurry if you want to take advantage of this pricing.  After next weekend we'll need to turn our full attention toward launching our annual cuttings sale*, so the last day of the tree sale will be Sunday October 9th. 

*We will post an update on the upcoming cuttings sale next week :)