Friday, August 18, 2023

No shipping this week due to extreme heat

We're pausing shipping this week, and will resume normal shipping on Friday August 25th.

Here are the anticipated high temperatures from our local forecast:

7/19 - 110F
7/20 - 106F
7/21 - 109F
7/22 - 107F
7/23 - 106F 
7/24 - 105F
7/25 - 98F
7/26 - 92F

That's a bit hot for shipping, even for figs!  The temps will cool off considerably in a week, so we'll resume shipping at that time.

UPDATE:  It got even hotter than anticipated and hit 115F here!  Thankfully, it is 'only' 106F today and the heatwave should break on Saturday.  UPS Ground is closed on weekends, so we will resume shipping on Monday August 27th.