Saturday, January 13, 2024

Closed Until January 22nd Due to Cold Weather

Due to the extreme cold weather, the nursery is closed until Monday January 22nd.

We do our shipping through USPS, and they generally do a good job of keeping packages above freezing throughout the shipping route, but these temperatures are too cold.  Shipping will not resume until the low temperatures get back up into the mid-20's and the high temperatures get above freezing, which is not expected to occur until January 22nd.

The weather is expected to warm up considerably on and after Monday January 22nd, so we will resume normal shipping at that time.  

We will not be accepting any new orders during this time of closure.  

There are about a dozen existing orders that we were unable to ship before the deep cold arrived.  Those folks have the option of waiting (and choosing between an extra 10% off or some free cuttings to make up for the extra wait) or getting a refund.