Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Update on Overdue Orders

We've worked through roughly half of the overdue orders over the past few months, and we'll be working through several hundred more over the next few months.  We are currently rooting around 3,000 young trees and hope to have all orders shipped by early spring 2018.

Almost all cuttings orders have been shipped.  There are still some cuttings customers I haven't heard back from, so if you have an outstanding cuttings order that you have not yet received, please contact us at greenfingardens@gmail.com so that we can get you taken care of.  If you know anyone who has not yet received their cuttings order, please refer them here.  This fig project has been a huge and very complex undertaking, and we don't want anyone falling through the cracks. 

(Speaking of cracks: there was one customer who didn't receive the Olympian they ordered, and I wrote a note on their packing list saying I'd refund it, but by the time I remembered to do so I couldn't figure out who they were.  So if that's you, or if you know who that is, please ask them to email me so that we can square things up.)

It's hard to have all varieties ready at the same time, especially when propagating around 250 varieties, so the best method for shipping has proven to be this: when the main part of your order is ready, I'll email you to double-check your current shipping address, to let you know which parts (if any) of your order are not ready, and to provide you with an extensive list of available varieties that are ready and could be substituted into your order.  You can choose substitutions for anything you ordered, not just the parts of your order that I don't have ready (for example, if you've already acquired a variety during your wait, you can sub something else in for it).  If we haven't contacted you about your tree order, please wait for us to contact you; don't email asking for an individualized progress report, as that will just gum up the system and slow things down for everyone. 

I'd also like to make a very special offer to those of you who are still waiting on overdue tree orders.  If you are willing to take cuttings instead of trees, I'll give you double-value (including shipping).  So if you had a $100 order for trees (perhaps it was $70 for trees and $30 for shipping), you could convert that into a $200 order of cuttings (which would probably be $180 to $190 worth of cuttings and $10 or $20 for shipping).  Here's the current list of available varieties of cuttings to choose from: http://www.figcuttings.com/p/blog-page.html (please don't email and ask about the availability of varieties that are not on the list)

I pruned all the trees in all of my tunnels in recent days prior to the arrival of extremely low temperatures around -10F (-23C).  I wasn't sure if the wood would stay warm enough during the deep freeze, so I rescued it all beforehand.  That means I now have around 6,000 cuttings in safe storage.  They'll hold up pretty well for a while (I preserved viable cuttings for 3-5 months last year with the same technique), but it would be best to ship them out asap. 

I'm hoping that a lot of tree customers take advantage of the double-value offer.  Some people only want trees and don't want cuttings, and they can wait and receive their tree orders as planned, but there are probably many people who would prefer to switch and immediately receive a double-value shipment of cuttings, so I wanted to make that option available.  Since it's much faster and easier to fill and ship cuttings orders than tree orders, the more people who make the switch, the more it will help us quickly work through the remaining overdue orders.

I remain sorry that it has taken so long and resulted in so much frustration, but we're making tremendous progress right now, and we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you so much to everyone who has been patient and steadfast, and especially to the many of you who have taken the time to send me words of encouragement: you have been angels in the storm, and I am sincerely thankful for your help and kindness. 

Clear Rooting Cups

If you need to root some cuttings, clear rooting cups make the process easy and fun. Whether it's figs, flowers, citrus, or any other rootable cutting, these rooting cups can help.

Clear rooting cups are also great to use for starting seeds. Not only do they allow you to monitor root development at a glance, they help promote strong rootballs that will pay dividends when it's time to up-pot or plant them in the ground.

The cups are available at RootingCups.com

How to Root Fig Cuttings

I root several thousand fig cuttings a year.  There are many ways to root cuttings, and I've tried a lot of them, but here's what works best for me:

1) Dip the bottom 25% of the cutting into purple Clonex rooting gel (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Clonex-Rooting-Compound-Gel-15mL-100mL-250mL-1-Pint-cloning-clone-rooting/261221097209)

2) Place the cutting into a clear 16oz Rooting Cup that is filled with slightly damp HP Pro-Mix potting mix.  If you can squeeze any water out of a fistful of the potting mix, then it is too wet. You can add perlite or vermiculite to the potting mix in advance to help make it more fluffy/airy, but do not use any fertilizer at all.

3) Put the cups of cuttings into large clear totes like these from Wal-Mart (it's important to drill a couple of 1/4 inch holes into each end of the totes to increase airflow and minimize mold): https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sterilite-105-Quart-Latch-Box-Stadium-Blue-Available-in-Case-of-4-or-Single-Unit/44785814

4) Put the totes near some well-lit windows (but not in direct sunlight) or in a room with some nice bright lights above it, and keep them warm.  If I can't find a warm enough spot, I close them in a room and use a space heater to make sure the temp is in the low/mid 70's.

There may be better methods out there, but I settled on this one because it's easy, low maintenance, and gives me really good results.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Update on shipping progress

Over the past few weeks I've shipped out a lot of new orders and about half of the overdue advance orders for cuttings (around 100 orders).  The new orders supply the funding to ship out the old orders, so when a new order comes in, not only do I ship it out immediately, I also package and ship out several older orders at the same time.  This win-win-win system has worked out wonderfully, and I'm very grateful to the new customers for helping out the old customers in this way.

A false claim is being promoted online at a competitor's site that the cuttings being bought by new customers are the same cuttings that were bought by previous customers, and that I'm re-selling the same cuttings over and over again.  That is complete nonsense.  The cuttings needed to fulfill all of the overdue orders for cuttings and trees have already been identified and set aside for that purpose, and the cuttings being sold to new customers are simply the EXTRA cuttings that aren't needed for those old orders.  The new customers aren't taking cuttings away from old customers; to the contrary, they are buying extra cuttings...and by doing so, are giving me the ability to send out old orders.  So the new customers are only helping the old customers, and are in no way hurting the old customers. 

It has also been falsely claimed at the competitor's site that these new orders are advance orders that aren't going to be delivered until the distant future.  That is also a nonsensical claim (one of many such false and defamatory claims made there).  The new orders are for immediate shipment, not for delayed shipment, which makes perfect sense if you think about it: the cuttings are ready right now, so there's not even any reason to do advance orders right now.  The average turnaround time for new orders is 24-48 hours; in other words, they ship out within 1-2 days on average from when I receive payment, and the customers receive their cuttings a few days later.

After I finish shipping out all of the overdue cuttings orders in a week or two, I'll turn to shipping out the overdue tree orders.  Why am I shipping cuttings now and not trees?  Because the big harvest of cuttings is just now occurring, and it is this harvest of cuttings that will supply all of the wood needed to fill all of the cuttings orders and tree orders.  The cuttings can ship out immediately, but the trees need to be created by rooting the cuttings, which has already begun concurrently with the cuttings sale:

I recently potted up about 1,000 cuttings, which included around 100 each of Black Madeira, I-258, Ponte Tresa, and Galicia Negra, and there's a whole lot more where that came from.  I'm also aiming to root enough of all the other rare varieties to cover the numbers needed by the old orders, so there will soon be several thousand trees in these humidity bins.  It usually takes 2-3 months for the trees to be rooted well-enough to ship, so these will ship out later this winter (or as soon as it gets warm enough in the early spring to safely ship them).

Finally, in celebration of the fact that I've shipped out around 25% of the overdue orders (half of the cuttings orders, which were half of the total) and am quickly working through the remainder, I am offering a 25% off sale on all remaining cuttings.  You can see the current availability on the Fig Cuttings page at http://www.figcuttings.com/p/blog-page.html (I delete varieties from the list as they sell out, so the list is always up-to-date).  Just place your order as you normally would, and I'll apply the 25% discount to your cuttings when I send your invoice.

Don't believe the false rumors started at my competitor's site about my cuttings being bad and rotten: those are just more of the same sorts of false defamatory claims that perpetuate there.  The truth is that I know what a good cutting is, and I send out great cuttings.  If you have any doubt about that, just place a small order so that you can verify for yourself that I send out great cuttings.  Then you'll know for yourself and won't be tricked by the false claims being pushed on a dishonest competitor's website.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support this project!  Your support and kind words have been invaluable in helping me to persevere.  And special thanks to all the new customers:  the long-waiting customers are getting their orders now, and it's all thanks to you supplying the money to ship their orders!  So not only are you getting your cuttings right away, you're also helping other folks get their overdue orders at the same time.  That's a win-win-win, and you deserve a huge pat on the back for helping it happen! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

3gal and 7gal Fig Trees Now Available

A wide selection of 3-gallon and 7-gallon fig trees is now available.  These trees are ready to ship now.  You can click the links below to see the listings:

3 gallon Fig Trees

7 gallon Fig Trees

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fig Cuttings are Now Available

Fig Cutting Season is here!!

The wood from our 2017 growing season is now ready to be clipped and shipped!  The cuttings will be around 6-8" long and 1/4"-3/4" thick, and will pruned when you order to ensure freshness. We will try to ship all orders within 24-48 hours, but there may be a backlog in the beginning that could add a few extra days to the process.

All cuttings will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. We ship everywhere in the USA except Hawaii, and we also ship internationally.  We cannot guarantee that international shipments will arrive in good condition (or even at all) due to the inherent risks of shipping them halfway around the world.  Odds are good that everything will go fine, but there is still risk, and international buyers must assume all of that risk. International buyers are also responsible for getting an import permit from their local government and sending it to us so that we can get a Phytosanitary Certificate through our local Department of Agriculture office. We charge $75 for this option, and offer it below, at the top of the list of fig varieties.

We will not edit orders after they've been placed: if you want to add something to your order, you'll need to place an additional order.  Those sorts of edit requests take more time than we have available, so we need to avoid them to keep things as streamlined as possible.

Do not mix orders of cuttings and trees! Each order should either be entirely cuttings (ordered from the "Fall 2017 Fig Cuttings" page) or entirely trees (ordered from the "3 gallon Fig Trees" page). The software cannot calculate the shipping rates correctly if you mix orders, so if you want both cuttings and trees, then place two separate orders. If you're getting trees, then select the 'Ground Shipping' option when you checkout; if you're getting cuttings, then select the 'Priority Shipping' option during checkout.

If you have already placed an advance order for cuttings, you should receive your order during this Fall 2017 cuttings season.  We will be shipping out the new orders immediately as they come in, and we will also be packaging and shipping the older advance orders at the same time.  Some of the cuttings will be held back and rooted, so if you're waiting on an advance order of well-rooted starter trees, your order should be ready later this fall, too. 

Fig Inventory: September 2017

I did a thorough inventory of the fig orchard this week, and the results are posted below. It does not include small trees in 16oz cups (we have around 1,000); those are counted separately.
VarietyLocation (Plot #)estimated # of cuttings from in-ground tree# of 3gal trees# of 7gal treesestimated # of cuttings from potted treestotal cuttings, this plottotal cuttings, this variety
184-15 [Strawberry Teardrop]13130121545
Aaron's B&V272701517
Aaron's Violet Dauphine1145011252
Achaiko Tragano36900144
Albacor Comuna3380162525
Albacor de Molla Blanca245000050
Atreano FN17901011
Atreano Gold2277419251125
Aubique Petite36300144
Bass' Favorite5530003
Bass' Favorite25060006
Bass' Favorite314001009
Battaglia Green814703246
Bayernfeige Violetta221100105105
Bebera Branca28900288
Belleclare Celeste19401044
Bissirri Unk. #11154520651
Black Beauty #105340004
Black Beauty #108540004
Black Beauty #10164003232331
Black Bethlehem2393804043
Black Greek4655040105
Black Jack2704000040
Black Madeira1250005
Black Madeira212400024
Black Madeira5090009
Black Madeira5620002
Black Madeira6160006
Black Madeira6490009
Black Madeira691300013
Black Madeira7570007
Black Madeira8120002
Black Madeira12820002
Black Madeira14100144
Black Madeira14900199
Black Madeira25312011325
Black Madeira25914201630
Black Madeira26014021630
Black Madeira30800166
Black Madeira35700577
Black Madeira37301033193
Black Mission1075600056
Black Mission22400111
Black Mission236728134106
Black Mission30600155
Black Mission36400155173
Black Provence22600111
Black Provence368002889
Blava Campenera1531500015
Blaveta - Campos253500035
Blaveta - Campos2950025540
Bordissot Rossa4420002
Bordissot Rossa335001335
Bourjassotte Grise7610001
Bourjassotte Grise167007373738
Brooklyn White1376600066
Brooklyn White3600016672
Bryant Dark2188200082
Carne don Celia28501033
Carne don Celia316005101013
Caucusus 317703022
CdD B-N7840004
CdD Gegantina771200012
Col de Dame18000122
Colasanti Dark28802088
Dark Portuguese1584504853
Dark Syrian2121400014
De la Gloria14820124
De la Plata3200031313
De la Roca1522100021
Desert King32903088
Dr. Gowaty13666101278
Dr. Monticello's2784050545
Easton Purple29200288
El Molino2151803020200
Emerald Strawberry126522678130
Faja de Ovelha32300377
Falls Gold13412044456
Fico Pesco d'Oro30300366
Figo Branco16900100
Figo Preto5130003
Figo Preto5740004
Figo Preto6050005
Figo Preto6640004
Figo Preto7440004
Figo Preto9160006
Figo Preto13080008
Figo Preto1471400014
Figo Preto17000177
Figo Preto17100188
Figo Preto2511410721
Figo Preto2571500015
Figo Preto30500222
Figo Preto31300244
Figo Preto35100144
Figo Preto37231036115
Figo Sofeno Escuro32100111
Galicia Negra2552601935
Galicia Negra228000080
Galicia Negra631000010
Galicia Negra2493000030
Galicia Negra35600166161
Garnsey White Seedless925201540
Genovese Nero - Rob's22300222
Genovese Nero - Rob's28101022
Genovese Nero - Rob's297010337
Genovese Nero AF312400024
Genovese Nero AF6280008
Genovese Nero AF8660006
Genovese Nero AF2563000030
Genovese Nero AF355004111179
Giant Amber29100288
Giant Amber328011171725
Gino's Black2483300033
Gino's Black374010121245
GM 12533700266
GM 1393360032020
GM 14134500155
GM 149a28201033
GM 149a330002669
GM 1533440021616
GM 17133100144
GM 171361002101014
GM 1721030031515
GM 2033400155
GM 20348002161621
GM 20233200144
GM 2023670029913
Golden Riverside1630032525
Grise de St. Jean5830003
Grise de St. Jean340004558
Gros Monstreuse921500015
Gros Monstreuse1620021414
Gros Monstreuse3420014433
Haikel Lebanese17600111
Hardy Chicago228120000120
Hardy Chicago2293000030
Hardy Chicago2308000080
Hardy Chicago231100000100
Hardy Chicago2403500035
Hardy Chicago2417000070
Hardy Chicago2427000070
Hardy Chicago2435000050
Hardy Chicago2448000080
Hardy Chicago2458000080715
Hardy Hartford4770007
Hardy Hartford3150035512
HF Kos17802044
HF White18113553851
Igo (honey fig, not Prusch)83105000105
Igo (honey fig, not Prusch)940527070175
Improved Celeste17380008
Improved Celeste264100000100108
Italian Honey10102099
Italian Honey17200133
Italian Honey273100000100109
Kathleen's Black19301077
Kathleen's Black2100041414
Kathleen's Black2777000728
Kure Beach Unk. #1718413856
Lebanese Black29600288
Lebanese Red194611753
Lebanese Red217140029149202
Lebanese Unk30203188
LSU Brandy4960006
LSU Gold26760006
LSU Purple321006030130
LSU Tiger2655000050
Malta Black990603535
Malta Black27663051146
Malta Purple Red19900233
Maltese Beauty12770007
Maltese Beauty1862011105107114
Maltese Falcon10835285893
Mare de Deu14628201543
Maroc Noir33683437105
Martinenca Rimada7980008
Martinenca Rimada8820002
Martinenca Rimada20600111
Martinenca Rimada30900155
Martinenca Rimada3250028824
Mary Lane Seedless1928700087
Maryland Berry1181720522
Mavro Mella20000144
Mega Celeste4620002
Mega Celeste12200144
Mega Celeste2040034410
Mel do Algarve35800155
Molla Vermella14105000105
Morocco Alter 2329800122
Motoso Preto19700244
Napolitana Negra411600016
Napolitana Negra3390012218
Naragansett #43433190021212
NdA (Hative de Argentuiel)8020002
NdA (Hative de Argentuiel)350017335
Negra d'Agde1811232738
Noir de Barbentane15118031533
Noir de Caromb3034011852
Ohra N.28601022
Osborne Prolific23701055
Osborne Prolific294050252530
Pananas Purple1232300023
Pananas Purple2050013326
Panevino White3070022020
Paradiso Bronze238808121101
Pernette Noir367700077
Pernette Noir2990012279
Peter's Honey17400111
Peterson Prolific31000144
Peterson Prolific3530028812
Petite Aubique1557502229
Petite Negri11149702170
Pingo de Mel1660021111
Ponte Tresa23100000100
Ponte Tresa5440004
Ponte Tresa13270007
Ponte Tresa13310001
Ponte Tresa2541100011123
Raspberry Latte2630401040
Red Israel1900042323
Red Lebanese19500177
Red Lebanese2190104411
Red Sicilian3000021010
Royal Vineyard980033434
Salem Dark28401022
Salem Honey978000080
Sal's Corleone22200122
Sal's G1244310245
Santa Cruz Dark2802077
Scott's Black512916678
Sicilian Black Italian1101207080
Sister Madeline's37601044
Sobon Blue-Green3700011010
Socorro Black521100011
Socorro Black871100011
Socorro Black138604374365
Sorrento Unk3010321919
St. Rita4051106065
St. Rita1570106671
Strawberry Verte22010000100200
Sweet George1543300033
Takoma Violet824200042
Takoma Violet121040131355
Texas BA-112065701681
Texas Blue Giant27902066
Tres Num Prato1008301386
Troiano Calabrese34601403232
TX EB28001022
Unk. Attilio Purple15910716
Unk. Calderwood18301044
Unk. Calderwood23401055
Unk. Calderwood2900014413
Unk. IC Not263150000150
Unk. Owensboro1858530792
Valle Negra15943411154
Vasilika Sika1602500025
Vern's Brown Turkey2752000020
Violette Sepor3260031313
Violette Soleis/VdS1176723875
White Adriatic1651102920
White Texas Everbearing33302077
White Triana960077070
Yellow Lebanese734412660
Yellow Long Neck3452301971
Zingarella/Gypsy (H)1613301437
Variety# of extra 3gal trees
Black Jack55
Hardy Chicago61
Improved Celeste114
LSU Gold37
LSU Tiger63
Strawberry Verte50