Saturday, October 6, 2018

How to get discounted fig cuttings (10%, 25%, and 50% off) and prioritized orders

The upcoming GreenFin Showcase concert series has a Donor Ticket program, whereby people can buy tickets and donate them to their choice of recipient:  farmers (Kansas Farmers Union), teachers (Kansas National Educators Association), cancer victims/survivors (K-State's Johnson Cancer Center), military veterans (American Legion), local students of music/writing/agriculture, etc.  Ticket purchasers just need to forward their receipt to us at and tell us which recipient they choose.

In return for helping worthy recipients be able to enjoy a fun concert, we'll give each donor a free download of the concert DVD (it will be filmed).  And if someone donates 10+ tickets, they'll receive a hard copy of the concert DVD signed by the performers.

I would like to contribute to that program by offering the additional benefits for donors:

1) Prioritization* on all personal fig cuttings orders placed throughout October
2) 10% discount on all personal** fig cuttings orders placed throughout November
3) 25% discount on all personal fig cuttings orders placed throughout December
4) 50% discount on all personal fig cuttings orders placed throughout January

Cuttings will be healthy and viable at all times: I don't prune my trees all the way when I start; I cover them in greenhouses and keep them warm enough that I can continue harvesting fresh cuttings from them well into the winter :)

*People who have already submitted pre-orders are already in line and will not be skipped.  But from now on, people who participate in the donor program will always get to move up to the front of the line as soon as their orders are placed.  For example, when I launch the fig cutting sale in a week or two, I expect a flood of new orders that will take me 2-3 extra weeks to work through.  Some varieties will sell out before I get to the later orders, but that problem will be much less common for donors, since they'll move up to the front of the line as soon as their order comes in.

**I say "personal" orders because I don't want everybody pooling their orders to take advantage of the discount received from buying 1 ticket, or something like that.

Here's the link to our concert tickets page; you can click through any of those showtimes to read the description, see the list of performers, and order tickets:

The performers are a collection of my friends and music heroes, and they're all coming together to help fund the GreenFin Gardens food project that I've been working on for the past 7 years.  They're donating 50% of net ticket sales to help fund a large pilot complex of GreenFin Gardens, which will feature ~10 acres of greenhouses for intensive food production, a fresh market, and a restaurant.  The market and restaurant will only sell foods that are grown on site (hundreds of gourmet varieties of fruits, vegetables, berries, tubers, fish, eggs, herbs, etc).

The idea is to try and create an entire network of complexes so that practically everyone around the country (and the world) can have easy and affordable access to an ideal human diet.

You can help with this project, and at the same time help ensure that we'll be able to build a complex for you in your neck of the woods, by participating in the donor program.  Or even by rounding up your family and coming yourself.

The shows will  probably sell out in a few more weeks (late October?), so if you want to participate in the donor program and receive the fig order discounts and prioritization, you'll have to order your tickets soon.

I promise the music will be great!  Mostly because I'll only be performing one song  :)