Thursday, October 17, 2019

2-for-1 Sale on Fig Cuttings

2-for-1 Sale on Fig Cuttings
Now through the end of October

For the next two weeks, receive double of everything that you order from our current listings!

The bonus cuttings are not transferable (i.e. you can't order 1 cutting of Beall and receive 1 cutting of Beall plus one cutting of a different variety).

Tell us how many cuttings you're wanting to pay for, not how many you're wanting to receive; we'll do the doubling on our end.  So for example, if you want to receive 2 cuttings of Beall and 4 cuttings of Figo Preto, you would email the following to us at, with "Order" in the subject header:
Jane Doe
111 Fig Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA  90210   
Cuttings Order: 
Beall - 1
Figo Preto - 2

When processing that hypothetical order, we would double everything and send 2 cuttings of Beall and 4 cuttings of Figo Preto.

This is still just the 1st half of our cuttings sale.  We still have another 100+ varieties to add to the listings!  We will add the other half of our varieties on approximately November 1st.